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Repair. Restore. Relive.

Where Food Is Our Medicine And Our Medicine Is Our Food.

Fruits and Vegetables

Holistic Nutrition and Wellness

Life Style Coaching and Fertility Specialist

Are you finding yourself in a place where you don't know what to do? Where to start? Or what more you can do to reach your goals? 

TLC Nutrition offers one on one coaching where I am here to help you reach your goals through diet, supplementation and life style changes. Providing you with Nutrition Education is a powerful tool to achieving your goals and the information I teach you can be taken with you for your life time.

 Your aliments can be treated if you take the step to receive help and coaching. 

Nutrition and simple long lasting life style changes is my passion and Fertility is my speciality.

Tanya, one of our Nutritionist and Naturopath here at TLC Nutrition

Tanya, CNP

I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) specializing in Fertility, Mental Health, Disease Prevention and Management. I believe that education and your mental state of mind, alongside of a nutrient rich diet that supports your body on a cellular level, is the most powerful tool you'll ever need to reach your goals.

My Treatments

Comforting Hands
Herbal Medicine
Outdoor Meditation

The Initial Consultation

This is where we will meet and get to know each other. We will talk about goals, how we will reach your goals together and the process of getting you there. I want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident I am the person who will help educate you and change your life long term.

The Protocol

Your detailed and tailored plan for success.

This will include: 

*A supplement calendar, which is a schedule of when to take them, why you are taking them and what the health benefits are to your personal health journey.

*Life style changes and suggestions. 

*Medicinal foods that meet your needs and support your body to get you to your goal(s).

The Follow Up

We will check in to go over how you are feeling, if we need to tweak your plan, add or subtract anything and also make plans for the future. There will be more than one protocol.

Your success is my only priority.

Results take time, effort and coaching.

I want to be there for you until your goals are met and that may mean more then one plan to get you there! 


Hamilton Ontario


905-972-8382 ext 1102



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